Useful Guides: What To Do After A Car Accident

Added: 05 January 2018

Having a car accident can be a terrible scary, shocking, and confusing event for a driver. If you’ve never been in an accident before, you might not even know what todo.

We’ve drawn up a check list for you to follow, should you happen to have a car accident in the future!

Car Accident

1. Stop

It may seem simple, but the first thing you should do if you have any type of car accident is stop your vehicle and put your hazard lights on to warn all fellow drivers of the incident. Once you’ve checked everyone in and outside of the vehicle is safe, call the police and an ambulance if someone is injured.

2. Keep Calm

An accident can be a shaking experience, so it is important to breathe through your shock and stay as calm as possible. No matter how the accident occurred, it is important not to accept responsibility or apologise to the other parties involved, as this could implicate you as liable when trying to make a claim later.

3. Record Information

If you’ve had a crash with other drivers, you should exchange details with them and record all information that could be important later down the line. You need to make a note of the:

  • Make, model, colour, and number plate of the other vehicles involved.
  • Time and date of the accident.
  • Weather, lighting and road conditions.
  • Where there are any injuries.
  • Name and contact details of witnesses.
  • Type of damage caused to your car.

Also, try and take some photographs of the scene as soon as possible, this includes your vehicle, the other vehicles involved, and the road where it happened for photographic evidence in case you need it.

Recording An Accident

4. Make A Claim

Ensure you have your policy number so you can check your insurance terms and arrange for your car to be repaired from any damage. In order to make an insurance claim, you will need to know the registration number of all the cars involved. Your insurer will also require the other driver’s name, address, contact number and insurance information like policy number – get these details by following point 3.

5. Don’t Want To Make A Claim?

If you don’t want to affect your No Claims Discount on your insurance, you may consider paying for damage or repairs yourself. Even if you don’t want your insurer to pay for the car accident, you still need to report it to them as if you don’t, you could see your insurance cancelled! If you do make a claim on your insurance, you will automatically lose all, if not some, of the No Claims Discount you have accumulated. You should remember that even if you don’t claim on your insurance for an accident, you may see your insurance renewal quote rise, even when your NCD is protected. It is important to access the extent of damage and whether you have accrued a large NCD before making a decision.

Car Repair

Where To Get Repairs

It can be a nightmare trying to get your vehicle fixed and back on the road after a road accident. That’s why here at Dicksons of Inverness, we offer quick repairs no matter the condition of your car.

View more information about our accident repairs here!


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