Nissan Pro-Pilot's Self-Parking Slippers

Added: 28 February 2018

The Idea, Self-Parking

Nissan have recently revealed their ‘Self-Parking Slippers’. The idea is that wherever you take the slippers off, it will park them somewhere out of the way to make your life easier. Making this a feature in a car however could be a more difficult task!

Imagine you’ve had a long, hard day at work. The last thing you want to do when you get home is to be attempting to fit your car into a tiny space on the drive. That’s where the Nissan Pro-Pilot system would take the wheel and park up for you safe and sound with enough space for any other members of the family to squeeze in next to you. This system would be embedded within the vehicle’s computer and would be able to be used by pressing a button inside your house or even through an app on your phone.

The End goal, Pro-Pilot technology

Although the concept is at a very early stage the end goal for Nissan is incredibly exciting. Picture it, a completely autonomous vehicle. Sounds like a dream come true, right? The first step Nissan have taken into showing us their progress is a pair of Self-Parking slippers! These slippers have been debuted in a small Japanese inn called ryokan and the way they function is, once they’re taken off, a button on the wall can be pressed and the slippers will store themselves somewhere out of the way.

The Nissan Leaf, a Self-Parking prototype

The self-parking slippers are impressive, but Nissan are not stopping there. The well renowned Nissan Leaf looks to be the first of the semi-autonomous Nissan cars to hit the streets. This self-parking system has been seen in testing at Nissans head office in Tokyo so it could be hitting the streets sooner than we first thought!

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Nissan Leaf


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