Useful Guides: What SUV Should I Choose And Why?

Added: 12 April 2018

An SUV is an excellent option to pick when deciding to buy a new vehicle. In fact, there are many reasons why you should choose an SUV, and we have some excellent examples to give you!

1. More Space

SUVs are designed to carry more people so if you have a large family or need the extra space, then a Nissan X-Trail or KIA Sorento is the perfect choice for you! These two mighty-fine SUVs allow drivers to convert from a 5 seater car into a 7 seater. So whether it’s the in-laws or friends, you can get everyone from A to B.

2. Safer Than A Car

It’s important to be safe when one the road and that’s why SUVs are amazing vehicles to get around in. Features like those shown on the Suzuki Vitara are excellent for keeping your whole family safe, with ABS and brake assist, curtain airbags, Electronic Stability Program, an immobiliser, as well as many more!

Suzuki Vitara

3. Towing Ability

As SUVs are bigger vehicles, they have a much heavier towing ability than your normal hatchback car! That’s why the KIA Sportage has a great capability to tow your caravan, truck, or even another car, giving it a 1413kg tow ability for the manual engine, which increases to 1690-1859kg with an automatic gearbox.

KIA Sportage

4. Best For Off-roading

The key feature that you should love about an SUV is the ease in which it manoeuvres both on and off-road! Whether you’re heading down the M8 or conquering the Highlands, SUVs like the KIA Stonic are perfect, and ensure every journey, on every terrain, is smooth and done with ease. With features like roof rails, impact sensing, and skid plates, an SUV is the perfect vehicle to get you out of the city and into the countryside.

5. Pet Lovers Vehicle

If you have a pooch, it’s essential to have enough space and a car that fit all your pet possessions. That’s why the Nissan Qashqai SUV is perfect! Not only is this car stylish, its urban crossover design means it’s brilliant no matter where you live, and with its bright, aerodynamic model design, your pet can relax and watch the scenery as you drive by.

Nissan Qashqai

Still not convinced? Why not check our full range of KIA, Nissan, Suzuki cars to see what you can get your hands on!


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