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If you care about the environment and want to save money on fuel, then an electric or hybrid vehicle is the option for you. With the industry coming on leaps and bounds in recent years, electric vehicles are now more affordable and offer greater flexibility than ever before. Whether you are after something for your business, a spacious 7-Seater or even a day-to-day hatchback (and lots in-between), we are bound to have the solution for you.

Dicksons of Inverness stock a range of electric vehicle options from our brands of KIA, Nissan and Suzuki. We are your local choice in the highlands for eco-friendly vehicle options. Read on for some of the different vehicle options available to you. Remember - give us a shout if there's anything you want to know more on.

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Hybrid Cars in Inverness

>> Are you interested in test-driving a hybrid car? Get in touch with us today and we'll get you booked in.

Hybrid cars combine the benefits of a traditional petrol or diesel car, with the best parts of electric car technology. They can use multiple power sources (some recharge themselves, others plug in to an electric power source at home), and combine a battery pack with a petrol engine. The result is usually a reduction of your car's CO2 emissions, and an improvement in fuel economy and running costs.

Maybe you are venturing out into the highlands and want to make sure you have the range to get home again. Or perhaps you're simply pottering around town. Either way, hybrids offer the ultimate flexibility. Even better, they now come in all shapes and sizes – see some of the options below:

Full Electric Cars from Dicksons of Inverness

>> Are you interested in test-driving an electric car? Get in touch with Dicksons today and we'll get you booked in.

Electric cars take the tech one step further than a hybrid. They remove the traditional fuel entirely and replace the petrol or diesel engine with a pure electric battery pack. These vehicles are then recharged (or re-fuelled!) by plugging in at home or at a charging station (different power sources take different amounts of time to get to full charge). As such, they have a longer range nowadays than they used to and often cost only pennies per mile to drive. Plus they produce zero C02 emissions. These clever cars offer a great driving experience, with instant acceleration, no engine noise and lots of other smart tech.

Here are some of the full electric cars we offer:

Want to know more?

Get in touch with our expert team at Dicksons, and we can help you to understand the different electric car options. We can even book you a test drive at our convenient Inverness showroom. 

Video Review: Find out more about the KIA e-Niro electric car


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