Enjoy peace of mind with Used Car warranties from two to seven years at Dicksons of Inverness

Enjoy peace of mind with Used Car warranties from two to seven years at Dicksons of Inverness

We’ve all heard them and read about them. Used car horror stories. The vehicle that was too good to be true. You know, the one where the gearbox fell out a few days later…

Had your car for a while? Feel like a change and thinking of trading it in for something better?

If you’re thinking of buying a car, one of the most economical ways to upgrade to a top-tier vehicle is to go with something pre-owned. But how to get a great deal without the risks that come with a private sale?

Check out the used cars available at Dicksons of Inverness.

Not doing so means that you could be driving away in a car that you’ve paid too much for, and that is potentially unroadworthy and dangerous. If you want to hang on to it, you could see yourself spending more than it’s worth to repair it.

One buyer we heard about had the car inspected after he had bought it; where 35 very serious faults were discovered, including the hydraulic brake lines being secured with cable ties, and a frame and front suspension that could break or collapse because of second-hand suspension parts. Now that was an accident waiting to happen.

The solution is to obtain a used car warranty offered by any reputable car dealership that has been tried and tested with a strong ethos, commitment to excellence, and tangible solutions. These vary in style, length, and comprehensiveness, and the used car warranties from Dicksons of Inverness are some of the best.

Dicksons are a family-run business, a well-known name in Inverness since 1992, who take their commitment to every one of their customers very seriously, striving to create a friendly, relaxed, and enjoyable atmosphere in the showroom. Their attention to detail and personal service, as well as unrivalled expertise, helps them deliver a unique car-buying experience.

Dicksons are pleased their showroom is stocked with the very best used cars on the market, in excellent condition, and at equally excellent value for money. Every vehicle that Dicksons buy undergoes a thorough background check before it’s delivered to the next buyer.

They also recognise that even after their inspections, pre-owned cars can have some unforeseen issues, which is why they offer a minimum two-year warranty with every used car purchase, as standard. On some vehicles, the warranty can be for as many as seven years.

If anything goes wrong with your car, mechanically or electrically, they’ll sort it out for you. Browse the current used car stock HERE and remember to book your test drive with the friendly Dicksons team to secure your perfect used car. With a range of test drive routes in the Inverness area, you’ll soon be driving the perfect car home.

With no worries!

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