How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

Here at Dickson’s, we’re committed to providing customers with a range of different vehicle options. In the last ten years, we’ve noticed a rise in the number of people looking for hybrid vehicles or electric cars. With everyone worried about fuel emissions and the environment, these types of vehicles present a great solution.

We know what electric vehicles are; they’re cars that are powered by electric generators and need to be recharged. There are zero fuel emissions, and we sell a very highly regarded one in the Nissan Leaf. But, when it comes to hybrid cars, a lot of people don’t really know how they work. So, allow us to explain!

A combination of two power sources

With a regular car, you get power from a standard fuel engine. This can guzzle diesel or petrol and essentially makes the car move. As mentioned above, electric vehicles like the Leaf will be powered by generators/batteries.

Here’s where hybrid cars come into play as they fit in the middle of both – they use both fuel engines and electric generators. The main idea is that you call upon electric power sometimes, then fuel other times. As such, your overall fuel emissions are far less than if you drove a conventional vehicle, but you don’t have to worry about the electric generator running out of charge and leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

What types of hybrid cars are there?

There are usually two main types; PHEV and self-charging hybrids. PHEV basically stands for a plug-in hybrid, which means you have to plug it into a charging system to recharge the electric motor. With self-charging hybrid cars, the fuel engine can work to power a battery that stores electricity and essentially charges the electric motor for you.

We mainly tend to sell plug-in hybrids like the Kia Niro, Suzuki Swift, and Suzuki Ignis. This is because they usually produce fewer emissions as the fuel engine doesn’t have to work as much.

How do the two engines work with one another?

This can depend on the specific hybrid car; some will allow you to use only electric power for as long as you like, then you can kick in the fuel engine when you’re low on charge. Others come with features that will only use electric power when starting your car and pulling away or cruising around a city. Then, they call on the fuel engine to help when cruising for long distances – like when you’re on a motorway.

The whole concept of how hybrid cars work is that they call on the best of both worlds. You can still use the fuel engine to help you on long journeys or provide extra power when you need it, however you also have the electric motor to use for most of the time to keep your emissions down!

If you’re interested in any hybrid or electric vehicles, then feel free to get in touch with us today. We sell some of the best options around from Kia, Suzuki, and Nissan. Give us a call, and we’ll help you cut your fuel emissions with smarter and greener driving.

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