How to Travel Safely with the Dog in the Car

For a lot of dog owners, travelling by car with their beloved dogs isn’t always as enjoyable as you might first think. The excitement of being in the car will make them not want to sit still and their natural instinct to bark at every object they see going past the car window will kick in.

To make things less stressful for you and your dog here some top tips on how to make your dog enjoy the car without it throwing up before you’re even got your seatbelt on.

Take it Slow

Now this doesn’t mean to drive slowly when your dog’s in the car (although that’s not a bad idea – within reason). It essentially means that you should get your dog used to being in and around the car from a very early age, and especially with the engine on.

Make Your Dog Feel Welcome

If your dog feels like it doesn’t belong in your car then it won’t be calm when travelling. To help this situation you should find it a well-established seating position that it feels comfortable and relaxed sitting in. A cushion or blanket with the smell of home is also a good thing to have with you in the car as this can help ease the dogs nerves.

Secure Your Dog

It’s important for both you and your dog that you have secured it safely in accordance with traffic laws so you can avoid unnecessary risk and potentially expensive fines. If you’re travelling abroad with your dog it’s particularly important that you are aware of the local laws as they are likely to differ to those back home. A special belt or a fitted barrier between the passenger area and boot space is also a good idea you might want to consider.

Give it a Break

When you’re travelling in the car, long distances especially, you will more than often find yourself needing to stop and take a quick break. Well your dog is no exception to this feeling and they will want to stop to stretch their legs too! Look for areas away from the road where you can give your dog a good run-out. Oh and don’t forget to give them water on every break too.

Getting Your Dog Out of the Car

When the time comes to exit the car you should always remember to get out before you dog. Once you’re out of the car you should go to the door closest to the dog and give him the command to exit. Doing it this way leaves you in command and stops your dog from potentially running off down the nearest street.

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