Kia Niro Electric Vehicle

The future has arrived and it’s all electric! The new 2019 Kia Niro Electric Vehicle (EV) is already on sale in South Korea and will arrive here in the UK following the European launch at the Paris motor show in October. The Niro EV will join the popular Niro Hybrid SUV Crossover that is already available in the UK.

Predicted Range of the Kia Niro EV

The range of EV’s & PHEV’s has improved dramatically over the last year, and will continue to do so in leaps and bounds, so how far can the Kia Niro EV go on battery power alone? This long-awaited new electric vehicle from Kia will have two power variants on offer, 39.2 kWh and 64 kWh battery pack options. It is predicted that the smaller battery pack will have a 193-mile combined cycle range, while the high-capacity 64kWh lithium-polymer battery will have an increased range of 301 miles from a single charge.

Performance Figures for the Niro Electric Vehicle

The smaller battery pack option of the Niro Electric Vehicle will be paired to a 100kW electric motor capable of producing 134bhp and achieving a 0-60mph time of 9.8 seconds. The 64kWh battery pack will have a 150kW motor producing 201bhp, meaning an impressive 0-60mph time of just 7.8 seconds and both Niro variations will be front-wheel drive. Irrespective of which battery pack is specified, the e-Niro will produce a torque output of 291 Ib ft.

Kia Niro Charge Time

To accommodate charging the Niro’s existing design embraces the new all-electric car by replacing the front intake grille with a convenient charge port and Kia claims that a 100kW charge point will charge the 64kWh version of the Niro SUV to 80% capacity in less than one hour.

Running Costs for Electric Vehicles

Charging an electric car from fully discharged to fully charged could cost less than £1 depending on your tariff and the capacity of the battery. Therefore, an electric car that covers about 180 miles on a full charge costing approximately £2.70 will cost just 1.5 pence per mile, or about £150 per year for 10,000 miles! By comparison if you drive 10,000 miles per year in a vehicle that does 45 MPG at a cost of £1.25 per ltr. Your annual fuel cost would be approximately £1250! It’s therefore no great surprise that the last few years have seen a huge demand for electric vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles in the UK.

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