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Looking for a used car? Want something cheaper and more economical? Pick one of our used diesel cars!

Should We Buy Used Diesel Cars in 2019?

Should we consider buying used diesel cars in 2019? It’s a tough question, not least of all because diesel cars are being portrayed by the media as being environmentally unfriendly and anti-social. But are they really as bad as they would have you believe? The massive decline in demand means discounts on new diesel cars are now higher on average than for petrol cars, and this discounting has had a knock-on effect on used diesel car prices, and because of this used diesel car prices are now lower and more affordable than ever before!

Despite the negative headlines, the impressive fuel economy of diesel cars means they continue to provide better value than petrol and hybrid models if you do a lot of motorway driving and have high annual mileage. Also, diesel vehicles remain popular because their engine characteristics make them preferable for carrying heavy loads and for towing. If you are worried about the impact of driving a diesel car on the environment it is claimed by motor manufactures that new diesel engines are now as green as petrol engines, and as a general guide the newer the diesel, the less damaging it will be to the environment.

Used Diesel Cars at Dicksons

For a better economy with improved towing capabilities, there are many reasons why drivers opt for used diesel cars. That’s why here at Dicksons, we are proud to present a wide range of second-hand diesel cars, to ensure every driver is matched with a suitable car, picked from our rich variety of models available.

Second-Hand Diesel Cars With Excellent Prices

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Test Drive Second-hand diesels with Dicksons of Inverness

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