Hybrid cars combine the benefits of a traditional petrol or diesel car, with the best parts of electric car technology. They can use multiple power sources (some recharge themselves, others plug in to an electric power source at home), and combine a battery pack with a petrol engine. The result is usually a reduction of your car’s CO2 emissions, and an improvement in fuel economy and running costs.

Maybe you are venturing out into the highlands and want to make sure you have the range to get home again. Or perhaps you’re simply pottering around town. Either way, hybrids offer the ultimate flexibility. Even better, they now come in all shapes and sizes.

KIA Ceed SW Hybrid

Experience for yourself low C02 emissions, easy charging and relaxing driving with the KIA Ceed Sportswagon Hybrid.

KIA XCeed Hybrid

Meet the modern hybrid with regenerative braking, easy-charging and eco hybrid technology.

KIA Niro Hybrid

The Hybrid KIA Niro Crossover comes into two hybrid forms (as well as full electric).

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By combining electric motors with a petrol engine, Hybrid cars have significantly reduced C02 emissions by comparison to petrol or diesel cars.

Cheaper To Run

Hybrid engines embrace new technology to offer greater efficiency, meaning less petrol stops and more money in your wallet.

Electric-Only Drive

Hybrid vehicles can be driven entirely with electricity. This usually happens while moving at low speeds, when the engine is idling at a stoplight or when the engine starts up.

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